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Pinterest Board Ideas That Speak Volumes

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One of the most essential aspects of strategy is creating and structuring Pinterest account. To manage your account effectively, naming boards correctly is crucial as it helps in pinning content and maintaining relevance.

However, you need to answer these questions before dedicating time to brainstorming ideas for Pinterest boards.:

Question #1: Will you be running your Pinterest account for personal or business use? If it’s for personal use, any ideas that align with your interests and make sense to you will suffice. However, if you’re running a Pinterest account for business, you’ll need to research and strategise before coming up with ideas for Pinterest boards.

Pinterest board names can be changed at any time, and as you become more experienced with the platform, creating board names will become second nature.

Question #2: Do you have a content pinning strategy? Pinterest isn’t just a social media platform; it’s a visual search engine that requires an understanding of SEO and the formulation of a content strategy. If you’re running a business account and have yet to develop a strategic content pinning strategy, we suggest you read up on existing strategies from businesses and bloggers.

Pinterest Board Names — The Art of Crafting

In this article, we will provide recommendations on naming boards for business Pinterest accounts.

Tip #1: Conduct keyword research based on your products or services. For example, if you run a clinic, keywords to use to name Pinterest boards might include:

Pinterest board ideas

Tip #2: Perform keyword research considering the pain points of your clients. If you’re promoting a photo application, ideas for naming Pinterest boards could revolve around:

Pain points of persons who take passport photos as ideas for Pinterest boards

Tip #3: Conduct keyword research based on the characteristics of your products or services, such as size (e.g. small apartments), colors (e.g. white home decor), style (e.g. vintage home decor), price (free, under $5 or $10), and different stages of life (e.g. kindergarten, graduation, etc.).

Tip #4: If your products or services are relevant to holidays, create boards centered around them. For example: “Halloween Gifts for Cat Lovers” and so on.

Tip #5: Always check Pinterest trends and see if you can create boards around trending keywords.

Trends as ideas for Pinterest boards

Tip #6: Remember that Pinterest boards compete in search results. Boards with more pins are more likely to rank higher. If you can’t regularly add content to the boards you’ve created, it’s best to rethink the strategy.

Tip #7: Use keywords and analyse the top-performing boards to get inspired when naming your boards.

Tip #8: Pinterest is a visual search engine, so including keywords in your board names is essential. Take the time to optimise both the name and description of your boards. You can also use AI tools like ChatGPT for inspiration.

Tip #9: Use both high and medium volume keywords for the names of the boards.

High and medium volume kws as ideas for Pinterest boards

Tip #10: Take the time to name your boards strategically, optimize their descriptions, and make them visually appealing.

Tip #11: While it’s important to include a keyword in your board name, remember that we create business accounts to drive sales and build brand awareness. Stuffing keywords or using over-optimised versions may not engage users and potential followers. Be creative and incorporate keywords into user-friendly names that potential customers will appreciate, as Pinterest is very good at understanding context.

You can change the names of your boards at any time. However, avoid naming them randomly. Invest time in keyword research to find the best ideas for Pinterest boards.

For strategic planning or auditing a Pinterest account, fill out the form to get in touch.

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